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RBC History

On Sunday September 30, 1979, a group of twenty-seven people calling themselves “The Bible Study Group” met in the home of Mrs. Mattie Lou Smith in Tallassee, Alabama. It was their sole desire and commitment to worship God, study God’s Word, and spread His Gospel. It was also their desire, under the Lord’s leadership, to purchase land and build a church in the Redland Community. With thirty-four charter members, five acres and on-site house, the church, now called Redland Baptist, met on its new site on February 10, 1980 with Rev. Terry Johnston as its pastor.

On loan from the State Baptist Convention, a portable chapel was set up to be used until an auditorium could be built on the premises, and in 1982, the auditorium was completed. With God providing, Redland Baptist Church now had a debt-free auditorium, five acres of land, a house, and a single wide mobile home to increase the education space. Additional education space of 6,000 square feet was added to the back of what was then the auditorium (current fellowship hall), and was dedicated on October 1, 1989, Pastor John Ben Lane leading. The church membership had now reached 181.

In 2002, Pastor Bryce Cox led us in building a new sanctuary capable of seating 325 members and guests. First services were conducted in February 2004. In February 2005, Redland began to build additional classroom space and an expansion of the Fellowship Hall.

In December 2010, Redland Baptist Church began construction of a 12,850 Youth and Children Wing. Construction was completed and dedicated in August 2011.

Since 1999, under the leadership of Bryce Box as our Pastor, Robbie Stewart, Education & Youth (2016), and Walter Blakeney, Music Minister (2002), Redland Baptist Church has enjoyed a steady growth in ministry and discipleship centered in the Redland/Emerald Mountain communities. With a current weekly attendance of 200, we believe the foundation has been laid for many fruitful years to come.

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